SA Consultancy

How SA Consultancy Can Help

Sales and Marketing
Do you need more detailed research regarding land acquisitions?
Are you unsure of the advice received from Estate Agents?
Do you need help managing short term projects?
How well do you know your competitors?
Last few plots taking up too much management time?
Are your Sales and Marketing strategies incomplete?
Is your team too busy to provide the detail required?
Do you seek added value opportunities?

Planning Development
Do you need advice on the development of master plans and promotion of large scale schemes?
Does the proposed phasing of your development minimise adverse cashflow?
Are you aware of the inter-relationship between Section 106 and CIL?
Are you mitigating the impact of CIL on your developments to maximum advantage?
Are you addressing issues on viability to maximum advantage?
Do your consortium promotions lacking focus and direction?
Are you embracing the localism agenda to full effect?